The strategy of Terrasos includes diverse actors to reach solutions to the challenges that sustainable development represents: land owners, companies, investors, local communities, environmental authorities, among others.


Our work seeks to generate a balance between the development of works, projects and productive processes with an adequate management of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Likewise, it seeks to invigorate the different local and regional economies.

Land owners*

We work with land owners and communities committed to generating sustainable production models that combine the conservation and restoration of ecosystems and the development of environmentally friendly production methods. This allows to generate income in the medium and long term in exchange for serious commitments that require the implementation of a management plan and establish agreements to ensure the sustainability of the activities.


If you are interested in exploring these opportunities with us, you can send us the following information to evaluate the possibility of structuring a project together:

Information about the applicant

- First name

-  Entity (optional)

- Phone

- Address

- E-mail

Property information

- Name (optional)​

- Adrress

- Municipality

- Coordinates (optional)

- Potential area of ​​the project site

- Observations (Brief description of the potential to create or restore areas on the property)

- Images or maps or of the property (photographs, shape type files, etc.)


* We take your privacy very seriously. Please consult our Data Policy


Our work with companies seek to transform the opportunities for environmental investment that derive from both environmental obligations and the resources coming from projects of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. We recognize that every investment made by a company in environmental issues must generate returns, not only in this field, but must also contribute to social and economic development.


Terrasos works with companies to find the best investment alternatives, voluntary or mandatory, under technical, legal, financial and strategic criteria. If your company has specific 1% investment requirements or environmental offsets, contact us to analyze the options that best suit your corporate strategy.


For more information about the function of Terrasos, as a structuring and manager of environmental investments, you can send us your information through the Contact section or call + 57 1 5416043 - +57 3017657234.


* We take your privacy very seriously. Please consult our Data Policy

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