Terrasos is a company specialized in the structuring and operation of environmental investments. Our work focuses on four main areas: Offsets and environmental investments, impact analysis, development of intervention strategies and information management. Our activity is based on the principle that sustainable development implies a balance between the economic, social and environmental functionality of the territory. We collaborate with public and private entities in the design and implementation of strategies for managing natural resources and sustainability.

Who we are? 

We seek to generate impact in the projects in which we are involved. We participate in initiatives with sustainable business models. We advise organizations that seek to contribute to the sustainable development of the territories.

We start from the analysis of economic, social, environmental and cultural functionality to design and implement real and concrete solutions. In our work we apply the principles of clarity, interdisciplinarity, collaboration and transformation. Our team is made up of experts in the areas of environment and natural resources, public policy and business administration, land and territorial planning and information management.


Our team has national and international experience and has worked with public, private and non-profit organizations.





Offsets and environmental investments

Measurements and impact analysis

Information management

Project formulation and intervention strategies


Mariana is a specialist in environmental policy and strategy. She has a Master's Degree in Environmental Policy and Management from Yale University and degree in Political Science and Environmental Studies from Tulane University. She has more than 8 years of experience in the development and implementation of environmental sustainability strategies for companies, governments, and communities in Latin America and the United States.


Eduardo is a lawyer and historian with specialization in administrative and environmental law. He was a senior associate of the Brigard & Urrutia Natural Resources & Environment team, and has advised various companies on issues of environmental responsibility and legal management with government authorities (mainly in consultation with communities). Eduardo is a partner / founder of the firm Del Valle Mora Abogados.



Alexis has a degree in Chemistry and a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering and Management. He has over 8 years of professional experience in environmental issues, mainly in the implementation of economic instruments for environmental management and climate change. He also has experience in environmental offsets, payments for ecosystem services and corporate sustainability projects for public and private sector companies.

Vanessa is an Industrial Engineer with a Master's Degree in Urban and Environmental Planning from Griffith University, Australia. She has experience in management of sustainable development projects, international cooperation and environmental offsets. She also served as Liaison Officer in the UN-Habitat Human Settlements Program and as Administrative and Financial Assistant Manager in Acción Verde.
Felipe is a geographer with advanced studies in regional development planning. He has focused his 9 years of professional experience in the search of mechanisms to optimize territorial management and, recently, he has focused on the study of mechanisms for the application of the hierarchy of mitigation, ecological equivalence and environmental offsets, specifically in relation to the loss of biodiversity.
Alfredo is a biologist from the Universidad de Los Andes with a master's degree in botany from the same university. Expert in ecological restoration in tropical ecosystems. He has more than ten years of experience applying his knowledge to processes of environmental planning, implementation of management plans and management of productive properties.
Antonio is a business administrator at the Universidad de Los Andes. He has more than 7 years of experience in the development of sustainable management strategies and systems for private sector organizations, non-governmental organizations and international cooperation projects. His experience includes the development of sustainability strategies and policies and the adoption of the main sustainability standards (GRI, AA 1000, ISO 26000, SA 8000).
Luisa has studies in administrative management. Among its strengths are the use of office and information tools, as well as the management of archives and the use of office techniques. She has experience in administrative matters, as well as in document analysis and management. She has also worked in the management of accounting programs and the implementation of quality management systems.

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