We protect our clients environmental investments.

Meta Habitat Bank is the first of these mechanisms to obtain registration with the Ministry of the Environment. Read more.

Recently, the Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible adopted the upgrade of the Offsets Manual. Read more (spanish).

Terrasos developed a comparative table between the new version on the offset manual and the one that was repealed. Download here (spanish)

Comparative table of offsets manual

Upgrade of the Offstes manual 

First Habitat Bank registered with the Ministry of Environment:

Adaptation Program based in Ecosystem for the city of Cartagena - AbE Program:

For the implementation of the Cartagena AbE Program, a financial instrument was designed to achieve the sustainability and permanence of the measures that will be developed. The design of this instrument was led by Terrasos SAS with the support of Optim Consult. Read more.

Formulation of the Biodiversity Action Plan – Pasbiome:

Formulation of the Biodiversity Action Plan for the mining-energy sector to facilitate the incorporation of the environmental perspective in the planning and decision making of the sector. Read more.

Launch Event Resolution Habitat Banks - 1051 of 2017:

Last July 25 took place the launch event of Resolution 1051 of 2017. View full article.

Analysis of alternatives for forced investment plans of not less than 1%:

Terrasos developed two plans of forced investment of not less than 1% for a linear project that crosses several hydrographic zones of the country. For the elaboration of these plans, Terrasos used a methodology in which more than 50 investment alternatives were analyzed, under a series of technical, financial, legal-institutional and strategic criteria, to generate greater benefits and environmental and social returns. Read more.

Environmental Offsets: Sustainable Development for Colombia

Peace Forests, Habitat Banks and PES some of the flag strategies that the Ministry of Environment is moving forwards in terms of environmental compensation. See note here.

Structuring of the first Habitat Bank in Latin America:

Terrasos has been leading, since the beginning of 2013, the development of the first Habitat Bank in Colombia and Latin America in the Orinoquia region. The Habitat Banks are lands where actions of preservation, improvement or restoration of ecosystems are implemented to compensate for the inevitable losses in biodiversity, because of the development of projects. See more information.

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